Septic Fields

In Manitoba there are several systems currently available for proper onsite management of domestic wastewater:

  • Septic tank and disposal field (trench and total area) holding tank
  • Septic tank and sewage ejector
  • Package treatment plant or aerobic treatment tank
  • Pit, vault and pail privy
  • Greywater (sullage) pits


We specialize in the installation of total area septic fields.  This is a traditional stone septic field with a distribution box and lateral piping for effluent distribution. It operates on the principal of pressure delivery and gravity distribution throughout the septic field. It requires no routine maintenance. Lasts a long time and is not susceptible to plugging or freezing. 

What is a Total Area Septic Field
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The total area type of disposal field is constructed by digging to a maximum depth of one metre (3.25 feet). The excavation is filled with at least 60 centimetres (two feet) of graded stone to, or above, the level of the surrounding grade. Perforated pipe is laid out from a central distribution box in an evenly spaced pattern.

The perforated pipes in the total area field are covered with another 10 to 15 centimetres (four to six inches) of graded stone and a layer of geotextile fabric or other approved material. Finally, the entire surface of the disposal fi eld is covered with topsoil, sloped and seeded with grass.

The size (area) and type of field are determined by the onsite soil conditions and the number of bedrooms in your dwelling.